YOU take the cake! Going RAW!

YOU take the cake! Going RAW!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Raw in 28 Days with Holly Jo - Day 7 - Green Smoothie

rawin28days May 29, 2010 — Get your morning greens by blending red chard, mango, banana and local tap water. A quick blend in a Vita-Mix Turbo Blend 4500 at low speed starts the day off right.

Red Chard Smoothie

1/2 bunch organic red chard
1 organic mango
1 organic banana

Mix in Vita-mix blender ~ Enjoy!

Adding garden greens to a diet may require your stomach to adapt over time. Adding a greater amount of fresh fruit at the beginning will help. A semi-thick blend allows for chewing as this creates enzymes to also help the digestion of greens like chard, kale, dandelion, and spinach.

Stay tuned for up-coming recipes along the road of "Raw in 28 Days" in creating a habit of eating a Raw and Living Foods Cuisine for better health and vitality.
~ Raw Win!
Holly Jo

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